Linda Sok

Lives and works in Sydney, Australia and New York, USA

Linda Sok is a Cambodian-Australian artist focused on investigating the culturally and personally significant period, the Khmer Rouge Regime, which forced her family to flee Cambodia. Her practice navigates the complexities of the trauma embedded in the Cambodian diaspora and aims to shift its legacy from one focused on genocide to one of healing.


With careful considerations for cultural objects, rituals, traditions and their materiality, her practice often manifests in sculptural installations. By accessing fragments of the past, she attempts to recontextualise lost traditions and culture to allow living descendants to process the traumatic history experienced by older generations.


Linda has exhibited in institutions such as Artspace, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Firstdraft Gallery, and SEVENTH Gallery. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNSW Art & Design with First Class Honours and the University Medal in Fine Arts. Linda is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Textile Arts Center.


Upcoming The Royal Library at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Upcoming Cementa22 Festival, Old Cordial Factory, Kandos

2022 Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (catalogue, Virtual Tour
2022 Ash, Pari, Parramatta
2022 Liminality, Textile Arts Centre, New York (exhibition)
2022 End of residency exhibition, NARS Foundation, New York
2022 Empty Pockets, Gertrude, Melbourne

2021 In the fibre of her being, curated by Sarah Rose, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery

2021 LOSS, Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, Casula

2021 Wyndham Art Prize, Wyndham Art Gallery

2021 Footscray Art Prize, Footscray Art Centre

2021 Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize, Ravenswood

2021 Cementa21 Festival, Old Cordial Factory, Kandos

2021 Mortar and Pestle, AIR Space Projects, Marrickville

2020 30 URNS, Rising from the ashes, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

2020 Spiritual/Corporeal, Firstdraft Gallery, Woolloomooloo (Solo, catalogue, Virtual Tour)

2020 GENERATOR, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, (Virtual)

2020 Sizzle!, Bromfield Art Gallery, Boston (Virtual)

2019 Sydney Collective, Sydney Collective, Marrickville

2019 Create NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship, Artspace, Sydney

2019 Soft Monument (solo), SEVENTH Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

2019 Eden Unearthed, Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park (Catalogue)

2019 Soft Monument (solo), AD Space, Paddington 

2019 Speak Softly, Tread Heavily, Peacock Gallery and Auburn Arts Studio, Auburn

2019 Dear Homeland, Kudos Gallery, Paddington

2019 For my ancestors (ritual for the dead) (solo), Wellington St Projects, Chippendale

2019 Subverting "The Intolerable Narrative", Firstdraft, Woolloomooloo (Catalogue)

2018 The Annual, UNSW Galleries, Paddington

2018 Piece of Mind, Gallery Lane Cove, Lane Cove

2018 Ritual / Resistance presented by Peril, Down/Under Space, Chippendale

2018 A Space for Remembrance (solo), 541 Art Space, Sydney

2018 Remembering ancestors, Three Foot SquarePaddington

2018 Kudos Emerging Artist & Design Awards, Kudos Gallery, Paddington

2018 Honours Cohort Open Day, UNSW Art & Design, Paddington

2018 Pro/positions, UNSW Art & Design, Paddington

2018 Open Studios, UNSW Art & Design, Paddington

2018 Jenny Birt Awards, AD Space, Paddington (Catalogue)

2017 Counter Conduct presented by F123, 541 Art Space, Sydney (Catalogue)

2017 NOX Night Sculpture Walk, Randwick Environmental Park, Randwick (Catalogue)

2017 Not a Stat, AD Space, Paddington (Catalogue)

2017 Collective Realities presented by F123, 541 Art Space, Sydney (Online Catalogue)

2017 Eden Unearthed, Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park (Catalogue)

2017 Dislocation, Kudos Gallery, Paddington (Catalogue)

2017 What we can get, AD Space, Paddington

2016-17 What's the Meme-ing of this?, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Casula (Catalogue)

2016 Somebody Nobody, UNSW Blackbox, Paddington

2016 Interval, Wayward Art Project, Camperdown (Catalogue)

2016 Spirit, BEAMS Arts Festival, Chippendale (Catalogue)

2016 Second to None, AD Space, Paddington

2016 Refugeez, Hurstville LMG, Hurstville
2016 Three, Kudos Gallery, Paddington

Grants, Residencies & Awards

2020 Artist Residency, Cementa20, Kandos

2019 Finalist, Create NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship, Artspace, Sydney

2019 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art Creative Studio Space

2019 Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grant (ADG)

2018 Highly Commended, Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Award, Paddington

2018 Finalist, Jenny Birt Award, AD Space, Paddington

2017 Randwick Council Grant for NOX Night Sculpture Walk

2017 Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grant (ADG)

2017 Eden Gardens Artist in Residence

2017 Eden Gardens Stipend for Eden Unearthed


2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons), University of New South Wales 
University Medal in Fine Arts

First class Honours
2015 Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney
(Majors in Psychology and History & Philosophy of Science)