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We are going to temple tomorrow, who wanna come? (Pidan) (2022)

Linda’s work reclaims the fading tradition of Cambodian silk and pidan weaving and hol (ikat) dyeing techniques, touching on the tradition whilst also offering a nuanced way of approaching the practice as an act of healing from familial and cultural trauma. We are going to temple tomorrow, who wanna come? (Pidan) centers on imagery of Linda’s family, taken from photos and communicated to her through social media. It investigates the generative outcomes of colliding screen printing and weaving as methodologies to explore her family's and her own migration, displaced diaspora, intergenerational trauma, material and metaphysical memory, and healing in the present day. Everyday rituals practiced by her family are portrayed in the prints, elevating them to the sacred status that the pidans were traditionally held.

Liminality, Textile Arts Center, New York

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