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Publications & Media

April 2023 Linda Sok - Art World Database (View Online)

January 2023 Announcing: 2023 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program (View Online)

July 2022 Australia to USA Scholarship Recipients, American-Australian Association (View Online)

November 2021 Weaving Resistance, Neha Kale, The Saturday Paper (View Online/PDF)

October 2021 Art Guide Australia, Exhibition Preview of In the fiber of her being, by Briony Downes (View Online)

October 2021 In the fiber of her being Exhibition Essay by Sarah Rose (View Online)

September 2021 Kudos Online, The Third Space, curated by Elaine Kim (View Online)

May 2021 Liminal Magazine, Interview #175 — Linda Sok by Allison Chhorn (View Online)

May 2021 Artists of Cambodian Diaspora, Interview with Linda Sok by Allison Chhorn (View Online)

April 2021 National Library of Australia, "Loss" exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Center (View Online)

April 2021 Questions for my sister, my mother, my grandmother, by Linda Sok (View Online)

April 2021 Cambridge Art Association Artist Spotlight (View Online)

November 2020 Accessing ancestral memory with Linda Sok and Yuki Kawakami (View Online)

November 2020 "In between Spaces" by Sophia Cai (View Online)

November 2020 "Linda Sok's Corporeal/Spiritual" by William Ngiam (View Online)

October 2019 Art Almanac, "Shortlisted artists for the 2019 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship" (View Online)

August 2019 "Soft Monument", by Rachel Pakula (View Online)

August 2019 Sydney Morning Herald, "Art that falls apart and grows", by Robin Powell (View Online)

August 2019 Arts Hub, "Review: Unearthed, Eden Gardens (NSW)" by Gina Fairley (View Online)

August 2019 Eden Unearthed, "Art in the Gardens" catalogue

July 2019 Running Dog, "Soft Monument: Linda Sok", by Hannah Jenkins (View Online)

July 2019 "Soft Memorialisation for the victims of the Khmer Rouge", by Jack Poppert (View Online)

April 2019 Art + Australia, "Subverting 'The Intolerable Narrative'", by Emma-Kate Wilson (View Online)

March 2019 "Subverting 'The Interolerable Narrative'", by Nikita Holcombe (View Online)

November 2018 "UNSW Art & Design Graduates Prepare for ANNUAL 18", by Selina Day. (View Online)

October 2018 Peril Magazine, Edition 34, Skin in the game, "Reflections on ritual / resistance", by Tanushri Saha (View Online)

November 2017 Today Show (TV Show) 13/11/17

November 2017 Sydney Weekender (TV Show)

October 2017 Australian Country Magazine

September 2017 Southern Courier, "Lighting up the night with Art", 12 September 2017, p.5

August 2017 Dislocation, "The value of a place called home" by Emma-Kate Wilson (View Online)

March 2017 terrafirma, vol. 4 speed=distance/time

March 2017 Studio La Primitive Arts Zine, March 2017 (View Online) p.74

November 2016 COLLECTEDworks Vol2 (View Online) p.52

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