Sphere (Scream) (2017)

A red balloon grows under a timer only to shrink back at the last second moments before the balloon feels like it is going to pop. The fabric that encases the balloon also grows, stretching its seams to its limit before deflating and shrinking down until the red is no longer visible. The fabric sits flaccidly until the red balloon on the inside begins to inflate again. 


The artwork speaks of the lack of assistance given by the U.N. in seeing the atrocities being inflicted upon the Cambodian people but refusing to give aid. The red balloon references the Khmer Rouge and the way that the uprising of the "Red Khmers" as they are often refered to, began from inside of Cambodia. The sound the balloon makes is similar to that of a muted scream, encapsulating the screams of those who were murdered by the Khmer Rouge, and also those who suffered a loss as a result. The text on the fabric asks the viewer for help, with words such as "murder", "silence", and "help" adorning its surface. Yet, as many viewers do not understand the Khmer language, they sit and watch as the red balloon inside consumes the fabric. 

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