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Linda Sok - Grandma's Shirt I
Linda Sok - Grandma's Shirt II

Ma's Shirt (2015)

This work looks at the traumatic experience that her grandma had endured during the Pol Pot regime, and how this is the reason for her having to flee to Australia and become a refugee. The events which transpire before a person becomes a refugee are incredibly important in how their identity is shaped in their new country.


Grandma’s Shirt is an attempt to recognise the pain and trauma that her grandma endured during the Pol Pot regime. The work uses the everyday object, a Cambodian shirt made up of different compartments of fabric, and hides the pieces of gold (lights) that was hidden from thieves. Having to flee from her home, and stripped of her childhood, the work transcribes Cambodian children’s stories to reference these past experiences.

Shown at:

Hurstville LMG

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