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Bioluminescent Tent (2017)

The artwork Bioluminescent Tent (2017) draws on the past and present history of the site on Randwick. Randwick has undergone drastic developments over the past 50 years within the environmental park alone. The most striking change one may notice is the transformation and revitalisation of the space from an army barracks to an ecologically sustainable site used to protect the native flora and fauna in the local area. The proposed artwork will take the form of a tent. The idea of a tent makes reference to the two different uses of the site; the use of tents within a military context, and the use of a tent for recreational camping.


The placement of the artwork Bioluminescent Tent on the site of Randwick environmental park will bring about exploration, appreciation of nature, and enjoyment amongst native flora and fauna, all of which are associated with camping. The tent also acts as a safe space by evoking a childlike wonder, as visitors enter a standard issue defence force shelter that appears to have been taken over by some of nature’s bioluminescent creatures.