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504 Pinwheels (2017)

504 Pinwheels was creates as a site specific work comissioned by Eden Gardens. The work responds to the shifting winds moving throughout Eden Gardens. As well as responding to the changing environment around it, the artwork is also interactive, with visitors welcome to create their own wind when there is none present.

The artwork is a reminder of renewable energy and the importance of the environment, just as Eden Gardens prides itself on using renewable energies water harvesting and recycling. 504 Pinwheels (2017) makes reference to large wind turbines and how they are both aesthetically pleasing and play a crucial part of sustainable living.

The pinwheels are coloured yellow, resembling a flower, particularly a daffodils, to preface the Cancer Council’s daffodils in the Daffodil Garden. Smaller pinwheels are available for purchase from Eden Gardens with all proceeds from sales will go to the Cancer Council.